Schloegel Handyman & Small Step Energy Solutions: What’s a Blower Door Anyway?

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

diagnostic_toolsYour second floor rear bedroom is always too hot. Your bump-out 80’s kitchen addition is always too cold. Windowsills are damp. The crawl space is musty. What’s really going on throughout the whole house?

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”…or maybe not!

Our houses provide lots of visual clues about air flow and moisture. But to dig deeper, we need to measure air flow and take readings that show precisely how ‘leaky’ a house may be. A blower door is a diagnostic tool used by energy professionals to look at each individual house. Like a blood pressure test for people, a blower door test monitors air circulation for houses.

A large fan inserted into a tent-like frame creates a temporary door in your home. The fan pulls air outside to depressurize the house. Air rushes back in via leaky cracks and openings that you may never have noticed before. Readings from the test indicate how leaky or tight your house is today. Over 90% of homes have surprising leaks, even homes built within the past decade.

With this data and room-by-room inspections, energy professionals can show you where air sealing can make a dramatic difference in comfort.

Schloegel Handyman Services & Small Step Energy Solutions have teamed up to provide a custom energy audit, plus provide the work that needs to be done to ensure your home is as efficient as it can be. Small Step Energy Solutions (913-708-8004) can help guide you through the process of a thorough assessment of your home. And if you live in Missouri, Small Step can explain rebates available through MGE and KCP&L. Learn more here.