January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder
Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

We are in the process of purchasing a house in Leawood. It needs complete renovation. Moving the front door, stairs to the basement, new kitchen, bathrooms, siding and windows. My daughter and son-in-law would like to do some of the work (painting, tear out, landscaping, etc.) Does your company accommodate this type of arrangement?



We can be pretty flexible in our approach to a remodeling project.  If a homeowner wants to be a part of the project, we usually will have them do the work on the front end, such as demolition and/or the back end, such as the painting.  We try to avoid mingling duties during the project, this can get kind of messy and confusing.

Having them handle the landscaping is no problem.

Would something like this work for your daughter and her husband?

Jake Schloegel, CR