January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder
Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

I have a kitchen soffit w/can lights. There is a junction box and 2 lite boxes from it. All the wiring is coming out of the back wall and not the ceiling. I want to put the lighting in the ceiling after removing the soffit. How do I do this?



This is a common situation when removing soffits.  To remedy the situation you will have to create new junction boxes which will allow you to set new lights where you would like.  However, you cannot conceal junction boxes – they must remain accessible.  Many times we will put a junction box behind the wall cabinet and have the cover plate of the junction box accessible through the cabinet.  As long as you don’t have glass doors, this is typically an acceptable solution.  You could also place the junction box behind the base cabinets and leave the cover plate accessible.

Jake Schloegel, CR