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Last updated on January 14, 2021

This is week 2 of the Kansas City Contemporary Home Renovation Series. Just in case you missed it, here’s Week 1.

We’re now in full swing of the project with demolition nearly completed. This week Billy and his team completed what was left of demolition, started framing the new spaces and elements and started roughing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing.


The new kitchen design included vaulting the ceiling, adding beams and skylights. This required removing the existing ceiling and utilizing some of the attic space. The skylights were framed and installed and the teams started building the beams. You could already start to see the drastic impact opening up the ceiling was having on the kitchen.

The Attic Opened Up
The Attic Opened Up
Skylight finished
Skylight finished








In addition to the skylights, three new windows were added above the sink and these were framed and installed. A new sliding door and small window were also framed and installed. Part of the wall between the kitchen and living room was removed and the area was framed for the new art pass through shelves.


Powder Room Framing
Powder Room Framing


The home renovation included relocating the powder bathroom next to the kitchen and moving the laundry room to the former powder room space. Both of these changes were framed.


Framed Art Niche Wall
Framed Art Niche Wall

The family room’s new design included both a bar with a fish tank and a tv and art niche wall. The tv and art niche wall were mocked up and framed and the fish tank wall was also framed.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

The team also started roughing the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing MEP. The MEP on this project was a large undertaking. Remodeling in a home always requires quite a bit of MEP work to support new appliances, plumbing fixtures and to light up elements properly but because of the unique elements and design of this project, there was, even more, MEP than normal. Donna and Billy put in extensive planning to lay out how drains would go into the system and how to support the lighting for the cabinets appliances, cabinets as well as the art niche walls.


Sub Floor
Sub Floor

Finally, the team started to put down the sub floor.


Check in next week as the team starts to drywall and lay the hardwoods on this home renovation.


Donna Kirsopp has been with the SDR team since 1999 and in the industry since 1982. Donna has been recognized by NARI and KCH&G as an award-winning designer for 15 consecutive years. “I am so fortunate to get up every morning loving what I do.” Donna, a native of Pittsburgh PA, has one grown daughter. “In my spare time, you can find me in my garden or on the golf course.”

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