4 Ways to Create a Kitchen Remodel Made for Entertaining

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Last updated on December 10, 2022


Kitchens are more than just places to heat up our food. They’re home to our most cherished memories, like big family Thanksgivings, first birthday cakes, Sunday dinners, and brunches with friends. Kitchens make a great hosting alternative to living rooms by bringing guests together and keeping the TV away. From hickory smoked holidays to cool cocktail parties, our kitchens have so much potential to create even more long-lasting memories. Learn more about how a fresh Kansas City kitchen remodel can help you realize more possibilities for parties and gatherings.

Accommodate Large Groups and Families

A narrow and cramped kitchen does not present an ideal space for entertaining, yet that can all change with the help of a clever Kansas City kitchen remodel. We don’t need a naturally large kitchen to entertain our friends and family. In fact, quality remodeling can open up even the smallest kitchens to create a more open and welcoming space for guests. Consider installing a new refrigerator that can easily hold more wine, beer, and cocktail mixes, and include new kitchen additions with drawers and cabinets to store supplies and snacks in bulk.

Inspire Togetherness with a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are great fun and encourage party guests to come together and interact. It’s a perfect place to hold a brunch buffet, cooking class, or even a bridal shower. Rather than having guests zone out in front of the TV, a fresh Kansas City kitchen remodeling perspective can produce a beautiful island that inspires more cooking, creativity, and togetherness. A gorgeous marble top island can also serve as a sophisticated centerpiece for newly remodeled kitchen, too. Decorate it with fresh wildflowers, baskets of fruit, and cheese boards to create a wonderful spread for guests.


Throw a Creative Kids Party

Kitchens aren’t just for us; kids like to cook and create things too! With adult supervision, a newly remodeled kitchen can be the perfect place to host a fun interactive party for children. Marble kitchen islands are also fantastic for DIY craft activities, cupcake decorating, and indoor gardening parties that kids love. By opting for a kitchen party, we can avoid picking out all that paint and glitter from the carpet!
Of course, it’s always safety first when it comes to kids. Don’t forget to meet with a Schloegel kitchen remodeling contractor to discuss the best design solutions for the safest kid-friendly kitchen. Smooth counter edges, child proof cabinets, and keeping appliances out of reach allow for safer kitchen fun!

Plan the Perfect Cocktail Party

With the help of a creative Kansas City kitchen remodel expert, an everyday kitchen can transform into a fully-functioning cocktail bar. Instead of booking expensive venues for company parties and nights out with friends, a remodeled kitchen with a bar can accommodate more guests, beverages, and creative party themes. There are lots of vintage, modern, and rustic bar designs that fit seamlessly into a variety of kitchen styles. Adding a bar makes it easier to serve appetizers and small plates paired with wine, plus it’s also a fantastic spot for mingling and water cooler conversations.

A Kitchen Is More than Just a Kitchen

Our kitchens have the potential to turn us into party planning superstars! With the help of our Schloegel Design Remodel experts, we can finally realize that versatile kitchen of our dreams. Speak with a local remodeling contractor to discuss creative possibilities for kid-friendly kitchens, versatile bar additions, marble kitchen islands, and additions to accommodate more guests. Before you know it, you’ll be the toast of the block with the coolest kitchen around.

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