More Award Winning Kitchen Remodeling Projects in Kansas City

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

At Schloegel Design Remodel we are so excited to announce that we were recognized as an award winning kitchen remodeler at the 2016 Kansas City REMY Awards. What’s even more exciting is that two of our best projects brought home a gold and silver medal! We know we do great work in Kansas City, but it’s always an honor to be recognized by our peers in the industry.

img_0099NARI created the REMY annual awards to honor contractors for their craftsmanship, professionalism and their commitment to excellence in remodeling. Schloegel Design Remodel is the only remodeling company in Kansas City to have been honored every year since the awards began in 1990, making this the 26th consecutive year that our company is a REMY winner.

Jake Schloegel, founder and president of Schloegel Design Remodel, is extremely proud of the company’s REMY record.

“Our success is because of the great group of people working at SDR. Everything they do, be it little or huge, impacts the success of our projects,” he said.

“What we do is so good that we are the most award winning remodeling company in KC – and that is a fact.”


This year’s winning projects include two kitchens in beautiful homes. Donna, Bill and Doug won the gold in the over $150,000 kitchen remodel category for their work on this beautiful Prairie Village space.  The new kitchen design improved the functionality of the kitchen while maintaining the original appliance locations in an L-shaped layout. The introduction of a substantial island allowed for workspace access from either side of the kitchen, while still keeping the seating space the clients had previously. This island also includes the secondary sink that she had and adds a second dishwasher, situated across from the main sink. Cabinetry now extends to the ceiling, offering more efficient storage, and the desk and buffet remain in the same location.


“My favorite part was making the kitchen everything my customer wanted down to every storage detail,” said Donna of designing the space.
“I personally love the lighting layers and many moods it can create.”

Donna, the project’s designer, and Doug, the project lead, celebrating their award.

Debby, Amy, Doug and Henry were awarded a silver medal for their Mission Hills kitchen remodel in the $100,000 – $150,000 category. The homeowners wanted a bigger, more functional kitchen and more natural light. The crew worked with the homeowners to come up with a final floor plan that resulted in a beautiful open space that let in a ton of natural light. By diligently designing cabinetry for maximum function, storage and aesthetic, incorporating under cabinet lighting, and commercial grade appliances, the homeowners got the kitchen they had dreamed of!


Amy said the project was especially exciting because the homeowners were repeat clients who are no strangers to the Remy’s.

“We have won a REMY award on every project we have completed at their house, so we are keeping the streak going!” Amy said.

img_0102-1You’ll see more about these projects in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about our award-winning designs, contact a Schloegel expert today!