January 1, 1970

The National Association of Home Builders released their 5 tips to a successful home remodel yesterday. It reminds us that Spring is a big time for remodeling, and planning is in full effect. You may even be contemplating a home or room redesign right now. Before you go any further, it says, plan to hire a professional. A professional remodeler will save you time and pain in the end, plus be able to deliver the results you want and then some!

“A professional remodeler knows how to translate a home owner’s dreams and budget into a beautiful reality,” said Donna Shirey, 2010 chairman of NAHB Remodelers, in the press release. “They have the expertise and skills to satisfy a customer while keeping the budget in check.”

The National Association of Home Builders
The National Association of Home Builders

Here are five ways to have a more successful home remodel:

  1. Compile a list of home remodeling ideas and draft a budget for the work.
  2. Look for a professional remodeler to help plan the project.
  3. Check the references and background of the remodeler.
  4. Agree on a contract.
  5. Take advantage of the energy efficiency tax credits.

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