Use Doors as Design to Achieve Maximum Style

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Sure, you’ve got color, texture, furnishings and lighting to worry about when creating the perfect style for your space. Have you considered, however, using doors as design accents? Whether interior or exterior, a door may be just the “pop” of uniqueness you need to complete the look of a room.

“Whether it’s a unique species of wood or the design and layout, a door can open your home up to a wide variety of styles and finishes,” said Schloegel Property Solutions Manager Charlie Schloegel.

slatted-modern-entry-doorEntry and exterior doors are often the first thing guests notice about your home. A coat of bright paint can make your home a standout among the other houses on your street. Smooth, horizontal wood panels can create a modern feel, while doors that stretch from top to bottom make entrances look larger than they really are. Vibrant wood tones can create a bold and warm effect, especially when paired with a modern home or concrete materials.





rms_design-dazzle-chalkboard-closet-doors_s3x4-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-1288Interior doors can also become design focal points to any space. Consider installing French Doors to create an inviting dining space, or bamboo screen doors to a bathroom for a spa-like feel. Interior doors are also great for adding splashes of color to a room without having to overwhelming it. Have kids? Consider customizing a door with chalk-board panels for a multi-functional drawing or message board.





Back doors typically lead you to glass-folding-patio-doors-01private spaces, such as a porch or backyard, so you definitely want to consider their function along with design. Double-sided barn doors are great for offering seamless access to a patio area, however if you have a view to show off you’d likely prefer wide-paneled glass doors or a bi-fold glass door. If insects are a concern, you definitely need a screened entrance, which work well with sliding doors. Sliding doors are great because they need almost no space for opening and closing. French doors work very well with traditional homes, and you can now find double hinged doors which open and close both ways.

With all of the variety available on today’s market, you’ll be sure to find the perfect door to accent any room in your house.

Have a question about door installment or replacement? Contact Schloegel’s Handyman and Property Solutions division today to learn more!