Designer Tips for Layered Lighting in Your Home

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Lighting is one of the most important features in your home, so it’s important that you invest wisely. Our Designer Donna Kirsopp, stopped by the home of one of her clients to show how TADA lighting can help you achieve perfect lighting in any space. 


By adhering to the TADA method, which stands for Task, Ambient, Decorative and Accent lighting, you’ll be sure to have a warm and well-let space. Donna said TADA lighting is especially important in the kitchen, which is often the busiest and most-central part of the home.

under cabinet lighitngThe first consideration in the TADA method is task lighting. Donna said good examples of task lighting included under cabinet lighting and overhead lamps. The point of task lighting is to illuminate a workspace, so it’s especially helpful in areas for food preparation.

Then, there’s ambient lighting to think about. Ambient lighting provides general overhead lighting for a space, so a can LED light typically works well as long as the color temperature is consistent with the rest of the room’s lighting. Donna said that it’s smart to include dimmers with your overhead lighting so you can both adjust illumination as needed, as well as potentially save on energy costs.

Decorative lighting often refers to the type of lighting fixture included in a space. In table lightingDonna’s client’s kitchen, for example, she used decorative lighting above the work island and kitchen table to create a welcoming, transitional space that was completely functional.


The final lighting consideration, according to the TADA method, is accent lighting. Accent lighting is meant to bring people’s attention to a focal point in the room. For example, it was perfect in Donna’s client’s kitchen for showcasing the items inside of a china cabient. Craftsmen installed LED string lights inside of the cabinet’s doors to perfectly illuminate her client’s favorite collectibles and heirlooms.

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