Outdoor Pergola Project: Week 2

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

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The lumber selected for the project is beautiful! It is all smooth cedar beams, from 8”x 10” to 4” x 4,” laced together to create the look on the underside of the structure. Staining prior to installation will make it much easier to have only touch-ups to the cut ends of the lumber on completion.

The 8” x 10” ridge beam is set into place and a mid-span 8” x 10” beam is installed to tie the perimeter of the structure together. The ends and middle horizontal beams will have an upright member and angled members creating three trusses to support the ridge beam.

The exterior walls and dividing wall of the screen porch and enclosed porch are now being removed in preparation for the new sunroom framing.

Rain and heat have been an obstacle this week in getting the wood finished and starting the framing.

This is part of an ongoing remodeling project administrated by Donna Kirsopp, design consultant.

Donna Kirsopp, CKBA  has been with the SDR team since 1999 and in the industry since 1982.  Donna has been recognized by NARI and KCH&G as an award winning designer for 15 consecutive years. “ I am so fortunate to get up every morning loving  what I do.” Donna, a native of Pittsburgh PA, has one grown daughter. “ In my spare time you can find me in my garden or on the golf course.”

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