Prairie Village Kitchen Remodel – Week-By-Week – Week 2

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

This is week 2 of an ongoing kitchen remodel in Prairie Village, KS – Check out what happened last week right here.

Week 2

Framing for the additions to the kitchen

This week the Schloegel team completed the final portions of demolition, including cleaning the now exposed fireplace. After receiving a lumber shipment early in the week, the team began framing in some of the additions to the kitchen.

Framing and covering up children’s artwork








Another exciting addition was completed as the team installed a beautiful new window to really lighten up the new kitchen. The new window will also be much more energy efficient than the old one.

Team installing new kitchen window

In addition, we brought the homeowners, Brook and Chad, into our showroom for another meeting. We discussed some of the final, finishing touches to the design, including cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. The team also discussed adding can lights above the fireplace.

The team also began roughing in the new HVAC and plumbing features.

Next week, we’ll bring in electricians to complete the new lighting features and begin installing the new cabinets around and above the fireplace.


Click to see the Before Floor Plan                                                 Click to see the After f
loor Plan

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