Questions to Ask a Painter Before You Hire Them

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Hiring a painter for your home’s upcoming remodel might sound simple, but it’s important to consider some key questions before making a decision. Here are the top questions to ask a painting company that you’re thinking of hiring.

Can you recommend a few good options for what I’m trying to achieve?

A quality professional painting company should be dedicated to finding the best paint for your project. A sign of a good painter is their willingness to suggest colors and finishes based on questions they ask you about your vision for your remodel.

Do you have insurance and licenses?

A professional painter should be able to present you with proof of insurance and licenses to operate such a business. Your home is important, so peace of mind from proof of legitimacy is a fantastic way to feel assured in your choice.

Do you have any references or reviews I can see about your work?

Any business worth working with will be very open about their reputation and would encourage you to seek an outside opinion, concerning the work that they have completed for other clients. The more people you ask and the more reviews you explore, the more quickly you will find a painter that is right for your project.

What does your team do to prepare for the job?

One of the most important aspects of both interior and exterior home painting is the work completed to prepare for painting. Ask your potential painter about their prep process. Do they wash the walls, siding, or other surfaces before picking up the roller? Does the team inspect the surface for nails, rotten wood, or unprimed areas? It should also be noted how they will care for your furniture and the surrounding areas that you don’t want to be painted—even trees that need to be pruned.

How does your team wrap up the project?

In other words, what is the cleanup procedure after the paint job has been completed? A professional painter should always be clear on how they will leave your home after it has been freshly painted. If the project takes more than one day, ask your painter how they will leave the project each day.

Do you have a guarantee?

Mistakes happen, and sometimes a painter’s work needs to be touched up. If there’s any peeling, blistering, flaking, or excessive fading shortly after the paint job, a quality company will correct the mistakes. Not every Kansas City paint company offers a guarantee on top of the paint guarantee; ensure that the labor and not just the paint is guaranteed to be high-quality.

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