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Last updated on July 1, 2021

It’s hard to believe it is 2020 and the start of a new decade. We were especially excited to ring in the new year as it marks Schloegel Design Remodel’s 40th anniversary! We will be celebrating this milestone throughout 2020 by sharing memories each Monday as well as highlight 40 past and present projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on.

40 years

We’d like to say thanks to each and every one of our amazing clients throughout the years, our fabulous vendors and partners, and those that always show their support! Our business wouldn’t be where it is today with you.

The value of making a house a home

Jake Schloegel grew up in a home in midtown Kansas City with his parents, seven siblings and grandmother. His handy father completed their home repairs and not only transferred that knowledge to Jake but also demonstrated the importance of maintaining a home. Jake learned the value of creating a place where family and friends gather and accumulate memories. A home is a place of comfort, the place you rest and most importantly the place you enjoy being. Jake found his passion for improving homes through that family home in Kansas City.

In 1980, Jake purchased a construction company for $300 from a man he’d worked with part-time through high school and college. That $300 included a wooden box and two old step ladders along with aspirations for so much more.

40 years

Creating a Lasting Company

Jake’s vision from the start was to create a company with great people. He knew early on he wanted to be a full-service remodeling company for residential homeowners. A place where homeowners could work on design, material selections all the way through construction. This allowed him to control a project from start to finish.

And while there is no secret sauce to creating a company that will last, Jake did know to build a company with the right people, who focused on doing the right thing and who worked towards a common goal was the way to run a business. He also knew happy clients meant repeat clients and great recommendations. With that in mind, he created Schloegel Design Remodel’s mission of providing The Ultimate Client Experience which includes everything from the first phone call in, to the final walkthrough of the project.

Part of that experience was delivering on the agreed-upon budget and timing. Through the years he fine-tuned Schloegel’s process for remodeling which includes everything from designing the remodel to scheduling every element of the construction process.

Those foundational elements served Schloegel well through some tumultuous years in the construction industry. There were times when the crew was bare bones and the team had to be pretty creative to keep the doors but their unwavering dedication preserved.

Change in Ownership

January of 2018 brought a change in Schloegel’s owner team. Jake’s remarkable leadership had prepared the company and its future owners for a successful transition. Charlie Schloegel, CR, UDCP and Chris Peterson, MCR, CLC took the reins and the company continues to flourish.

We are so excited to celebrate 40 years but are even more excited for the many years ahead of us and the amazing people we’ll get to work with.

Thank you, Kansas City!

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