Schloegel Stays Clean and Organized – A Look Behind the Scenes

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

At Schloegel Design Remodel being clean and organized are very important. Organization at Schloegel starts from the original contact into our office through a project’s completion and along every step in between. Good organization helps to keep projects on time and running smoothly.

One great example of organization and cleanliness is a craftsman’s work truck. While not all craftsman’s trucks are created equal in their organization, one standout is Don Richeson. Don is a gold star example of organization. We asked him if he’d open his doors and provide a glimpse into how he arranges his truck to be as efficient as possible on his jobs.

Check out Don’s tour to take a look at the different shelves and cupboards he’s created to store supplies and tools. The systems he’s built help to keep his tools in tip top shape and with a brief glance let him know if he’s out of supplies.  Keeping his truck clean and organized allows him to get in, get what he needs and get back out.

Schloegel Design Remodel also takes great strides to keep homes clean and organized during the remodeling process. The rooms being remodeled will be portioned off by using plastic zipper doors and plastic. Floors used to access the remodel are also protected with plastic and vents are taped to prevent dust from entering into other areas of the home.

Schloegel will also help move large furniture out of the space and cover any furniture left within the space. The site will be broom cleaned at the end of each day and shop vacuumed prior to the weekend. At the end of the project, everything within the new space will be cleaned and made ready for the homeowner to enjoy. At Schloegel Design Remodel, we do our best to treat your home as our own.

Are you thinking of remodeling your home? Contact us today to speak to a Schloegel expert!

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