The Living Fence by Donna

Last updated on January 1, 1970

On a gardening tour one year I was inspired by the concept of “the living fence”. This
fence is created using rebar panels that are hung between dividing posts in sections and
trimmed out in cedar to integrate with the remainder of fence. Many vines and flowering
plants love the ability to attach and ultimately will cover the fence without damage
to wood panels. Some such plants are clematis, jasmine, wisteria and more common
annuals such as hyacinth bean and 4-oclocks. For me, it expands the view at the depth
and width of my yard into the neighbors green space while maintaining privacy in the
areas that require it. With the increasing cost of cedar, the rebar helps keep the lineal foot
cost down greatly. With considerable help, many weekends and evenings, the fence is
done !

Before: This old fence was literally on its last leg!


During: Setting the main posts and head rails start to create the skeleton of the new fence


After: The new living fence is so beautiful and I am so happy !!