Our Latest: A Solution for This Brookside Kitchen Remodel

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Welcome to kitchen remodel #3!  We’re highlighting our latest kitchen remodeling projects and highlighting our best-ever pricing and financing offer this summer.

This customer recently purchased a home in the Brookside area of Kansas City and wanted to transform the kitchen, create better access between the kitchen and the dining room, and bring more light into the space.

A major concern was the severe slope of the floors in two directions toward the center of the house.  Upon an engineer’s inspection, it was determined that the original wood beams in the basement had settled and bowed over the years but that structurally the home was sound.  Our approach was to slowly jack the beam up and apply steel plates to take out the bow without creating cracks in the existing wall plaster.  The beam was stubborn and wouldn’t bend much, but we did raise it about half an inch.  The beam is now stable, but the floor still has a downward slope toward the hall.

We also opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room allowing for a peninsula eating bar, walkway to the dining room, and ample light coming in from the large kitchen windows.  A custom-designed mantel pot rack over the stove has become the focal point of the room and adds a quaint touch to the styling of the cabinetry.

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