10 Design Trends for 2023

Last updated on January 24, 2023

I think it’s fair to say we use the term design trends, but when it comes to design, doing what you love is more important than any trend list or style. It is, however, fun to see where design is heading. If you love any of these, feel free to incorporate in your home. Sometimes it’s as simple as a décor item or painting your walls. 

1. Natured Inspired Spaces

Whether it’s stained wood cabinetry, natural stone tiles, statement stone, or décor pieces, nature is constantly the inspiration in design. It brings a serene feel to your home, bringing the outside in.

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Amber Interiors



2. Multifunctional Spaces

It doesn’t always make sense for a room in our home to serve one purpose hence the reason kitchen islands have become a design staple. They allow for hosting, eating, and cooking. We love that today’s design is really catered to your needs.

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Studio McGee

3. Bold Tile

Design over the last decade has been a bit more subdued, with palettes of white. All of a sudden, we’re all craving a bit more color and pattern. Bold tile We’re seeing bold tile choices in kitchens but even more in bathrooms! Zellige, full walls, different patterns, they’re all in play.

Jean Stoffer Design


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4. Heritage

However you want to say it, sustainable furnishings, upcycle, heirloom furniture, vintage, antique, you get the idea. Vintage furniture is fantastic for so many reasons. It’s one of a kind, made to last, and it adds character to your home. On top of that, these pieces may be handed down from your family, making them meaningful. And finally, they’re sustainable!

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Schloegel Design Remodel



5. Maximalism

Maximalism is just what it sounds like. Décor to the max. Art deco often plays a part with rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. Think of it as layers of architecture, color tones, patterns, art, etc. 

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Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


6. Mixed Eras with that 70s show

All of a sudden, perfectly symmetrical and matching layouts are being overtaken by a mismatch of asymmetrical furniture and mixing of eras and décor styles. And who doesn’t love that? One of the eras re-representing the 70s. Yep, think browns and burgundies with low-slung furniture.

Heidi Callier Design


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7. More color…think moody & dramatic

Color, color, and more color. In some designs, it brings colors, and yet others, pastels. We’re choosing to share a few stunning projects with moody and dramatic colors. What we’re loving about these projects is how the color extends to the crown. 

Schloegel Design Remodel
Schloegel Design Remodel



8. Pattern on Pattern

This very much goes with the maximalism trend. Tile, wood patterns, wallpapers, and textiles bring patterns of pattern and color. Whether they play off each other’s colors or they’re all the same pattern, we’re digging it.

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Heidi Caillier Design


9. Return of Dining Rooms

Open floor plans haven’t disappeared overnight, and we don’t see them going away. There’s something to be said for ample space for entertaining and spending time together as a family. We do, however, see people tilting towards semi-open floor plans. Where the adjoining space is cased in, it gives the feel of being open but with definition and a bit of a sound barrier. This includes a separate dining area. People are designing with entertainment in mind. They want a cozy space to gather and create beautiful memories.

Schloegel Design Remodel


Schloegel Design Remodel



10. Spa-like Bathrooms

Our final design trend is a spa-like bathroom. Most of us don’t have the time or resources to go to the spa every day, so why not bring the spa home? It makes you think of self-care and taking a few extra minutes daily. There is no design absolute here. This can mean pure, classic colors and materials or a modern design with large format tiles. Whatever spa feels like to you.

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Schloegel Design Remodel



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