Brookside Tudor Revival Project – Framing Is Nearly Complete [Video]

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Last updated on January 31, 2023

Lindsay Brungardt updates us on our Brookside Tudor Revival project, which includes a kitchen and primary bathroom remodel. Check out our first blog post to see the before pics and video.

Project Manager Joe Meagher and his team did the demo and framing. He’s making sure the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Kitchen Demo, Framing & Rough-Ins

First, we’ll show the kitchen. I love this view of the small cased opening that we’re opening up and turning into an arched entry. The archway will mimic the others in the house and will add to the character of the fantastic Tudor home.

Cased Doorway

Joe set up temporary walls to support the home while he reframed the kitchen wall and hallway. The former hallway will now be additional storage for our clients.

Arched Opening

Below, the new window is in, framing is complete, and rough-ins are done. The metal rectangle on the right is the vent which will be in the cabinet toe kick. The new door to the exterior will be to the left of the window.

Powder Bathroom

The demolished powder bathroom is below. 

Joe framed in the old exterior door and new walls to give our clients a powder bathroom with a toilet AND sink.

Primary Bathroom

Our clients only had one full bathroom in their home, so we’re adding a new one in their bedroom! First, we demolished the space.

Next, Joe framed the new bathroom walls and the pocket door. A pocket door will save space in the bedroom by removing a door swing.

Once the framing was completed came the electrical and plumbing rough-ins.

We’ll update you as this Brookside Tudor project progresses on our blog, but if you want more real-time updates, check out our stories on Instagram!

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