A Front Porch for Summer: A Handyman Project

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Last updated on July 26, 2023

It’s peak summer, and our Handyman Services team is working up a sweat with so many exciting projects. This week, we wanted to share a front porch improvement led by Scott Gallet and assisted by Mitchell Talmage.

These clients had numerous small things about their porch that they wanted to be updated, from new trim to exterior lighting fixtures to new garden faucets. They also had one special detail in mind that they wanted for the ceiling.

Beadboard Ceiling



Designed to match the front door perfectly, the addition of the oak beadboard ceiling gives the front porch a much warmer, sophisticated, and cohesive look. Not immediately visible from the street, this detail is revealed when you approach the entryway providing a pleasant surprise.

Front Door Facelift

Our team made many changes to the front door that gives it a fresher look. We started by adding a storm door. Storm doors can help you save energy and protect your front door from weathering. They also give the homeowner the option to let in more natural light. Our team replaced all the trim around the door and added two porch lights on either side. Originally, our clients wanted the lights mounted on the outside of the trim, but the existing wiring only allowed for so much width. We opted to mount them directly onto the wide trim, and our clients are very pleased with the results.

Other Details

Some other changes on our client’s wish list were a new doorbell, trim around the tops of the porch columns, and a new fixture above the garage to match the ones on the porch. They asked, and they received it!

These homeowners are very happy with their improvements and are looking forward to a summer full of front porch sittin’, thanks to our Handyman Services team! Have a similar exterior project in mind? Contact our Handyman Services team here!