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Last updated on May 19, 2021

On today’s episode of The Schloegel Design Remodel Show Troy Stout of Schloegel’s Handyman Services team joins us to share all about windows. So if you’re trying to decide if you need new windows, what windows to get, or who should install them don’t miss this episode!

When is it time to replace?

Most of us already know if it’s time to replace either one window or all our windows. Perhaps your home is 70 years old and your windows are original and drafty. Some people find their builder-grade windows aren’t as energy efficient as they’d prefer. Another and very common reason, wood rot. Serious wood rot in or around a window usually leads to replacement. A non-functioning window that can’t be repaired should also be replaced. Finally, aesthetics, if you’re updating your home and are after a certain look, windows are often a piece to that.

Selecting a window

Oftentimes your HOA dictates what styles of windows and how much you’re able to change them. Do you need a simulated divided light to match the architectural style of the home?

There’s a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when changing windows if you want to change out the entire style such as go from a double-hung to a casement or a round top. There are features that are unique to the house and to the existing window that oftentimes we try and replicate or maintain.

Casement windows

Casement windows are on a hinge and swing-out horizontally, almost like a door. Notice in the photo there are cranks to open at the bottom of the windows.

Double Hung windows

Double-hung windows have an upper and lower sash and they slide vertically up and down. Most people slide the bottom of the window up to open them but the upper sash does allow you to lower the upper part.


Window Options

Depending upon what is existing and client expectations, windows can be painted or ordered with a factory finish. It just depends on the interior features are of the room are, and client preferences. When looking at window options there are many decisions to make including exterior colors, interior finish, hardware, decorative glass options, grills, and diving light patterns, and simulated divided light. 

Marvin Elevate Interior Options
Marvin Elevate Exterior Options
Marvin Hardware Options


Material Options

Windows come in tons of different options and there is a material makeup. Vinyl is your entry-level windows followed by a composite, like a fiberglass moving upwards on the budget to wood. You’ll often find windows are wood clad on the interior and aluminum cladding on the exterior. 

Caring for Windows

Cleaning and maintaining windows is so much easier than it used to be. Most new double-hung windows can be tilted in for ease of cleaning. You just simply open them and then slide them into a specific position. And then there’s typically some levers or tabs of some sort that allow you to lower them down inside where you can clean the outside as easily as the inside now.

Low E Coating

Low E is a coating that’s put on the glass, which minimizes the solar transfer. It helps protect the inside of your home, for example, prevents your carpet from sun fading, things of that nature.

Purchasing Process

Once the initial call is made our team will send out someone to take a look at the issue or project, in this instance that person is Troy.  He’ll help you determine whether you’re able to fix your window or it needs to be replaced. If it’s a window replacement he’ll take measurements, photos, etc. while he’s, there to provide an accurate quote for replacement. He’ll take that information as well as what the project goal is to provide an accurate cost estimate. When a client decides to proceed a window rep will come out and do a final window measure ensuring absolute accuracy for installation.

Window Sizes

On windows, there are standard sizes. That doesn’t mean to say that custom-sized windows can’t be created. If we’re able to get windows that are standard size to fit in your rough openings, there are cost savings. Rough openings are the openings that are made when the home was constructed typically to size existing windows.

When we do our measuring we are trying to make the new windows sized appropriately to fit in that rough opening.

Why pay for professional installation?

When Schloegel installs it’s a turnkey solution, meaning we take care of all the details.  Let’s say, for example, you have exterior stucco and remove an old window. When you take out all of the original components of that old window, there’s a good chance that some stucco has to be removed as well. Our team will take care of all that including getting the stucco patched, caulked, primed, painted, and all the necessary flashing. Additionally, the exterior trim may need to be treated or other exterior finishes that need to be addressed as a result of changing out that window.

The same is true on the inside. Generally, when we install a new window there will be some sort of damage or touch-up that needs to be done on the interior as well. Typically, when we install a window, we will paint from corner to corner and base trim to the ceiling on that wall. This is important so you’re not left with a mismatched paint spot. The goal is to make it look as though that new window has always been there.

Window Installation

Installing new windows can seem daunting after all it’s a hole in your home but Troy assures us it shouldn’t be. A typical installation starts off with dust floor protection. The goal is to minimize any impact the process has on your surrounding finishes furniture, et cetera. Once protection is in place, the interior and exterior trim is demoed. The existing window won’t be removed until the new windows are on site and ready for installation.

Window Before
New Window In
New Windows Completed
New Window Exterior

Oftentimes project start dates are set based on the lead time of the new windows. Once the new windows are onsite the old windows are replaced with the new ones. It’s pretty seamless and there’s not a big impact. Again, a benefit to hiring a professional, they know what they’re and have the process down.

Window Warranty

This is another reason to do your research when hiring someone to install your windows. A reputable company, such as Schloegel, will offer a warranty for their work in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. If a problem should arise Schloegel will work with the window manufacturer to make it right.

Unfortunately, we hear the stories of clients who’ve been left to handle not only issues but the purse strings on a faulty installation of windows when a company is no longer in business or doesn’t return your calls.


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