2015 Big Splash Recipient – Meet the Vejrosta Family

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Last updated on October 31, 2023

Every year at Schloegel, we give back to the community through a program we call the Big Splash. The idea is that we can use our expertise in bathroom remodeling to help a family with a special needs child, one that needs special considerations in bathroom design most homes do not have, and that the family may not be able to afford.

See this year’s winner revealed – the project turned out great!

Through the years, we have helped numerous families that needed new spaces to help them manage a variety of physical and developmental disabilities.

This year’s recipient of the Big Splash custom bathroom giveaway is the Vejrosta Family from Kansas City, MO.

Abigail Vejrosta – Winner of 2015 Big Splash

Abigail Vejrosta has Rett Syndrome, an extremely rare neurological disorder that is usually only seen in young girls, but can occasionally be diagnosed in boys. Rett Syndrome affects brain function responsible for sensory, emotional and motor functions. As a result, Abby is fully aware of her surroundings but is often unable to communicate or interact with the world around her.

Abby’s condition has made it impossible for her to bathe herself, something she has grown much more averse to as she’s gotten older. This has also taken a bit of a physical toll on Abby’s family as she’s gotten bigger. Recently, Abby’s mother Teresa suffered a neck injury from lifting her daughter in the bathtub that required surgery.

The Vejrostas’ current bathroom is cramped and not at all suited to Abby’s special needs.  Because she often needs multiple people to help lift her, the space provided makes bathing even more difficult and offers Abby no privacy.

Old, cramped original bathroom
Opposite view of the original bathroom












With a new bathroom, one that offers privacy for Abby a system that assists in lifting her for her family, Abby can finally have some freedom and independence in her daily routine. We have already begun the design process on Abby’s new bathroom, and can’t wait to begin construction in the early months of 2016

Congratulations to Abby and her family on being this year’s Big Splash Bathroom Remodel recipient!

Look for ongoing project photos and finished project reveal video to come!

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