Chris Peterson Receives Meritorious Service Award at Remodelers Advantage Summit

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Last updated on October 4, 2021

Remodelers Advantage, a support organization for remodeling business owners, held their Remodelers Advantage Summit recently. At the summit they recognized Chris Peterson for his contribution to the group and in turn working to improve remodeling across the U.S. He was awarded their Meritorious Service Award.

Peterson joined Schloegel Design Remodel in 1996 as a carpenter and has moved his way up in the company to VP of Production/Co-owner. His knowledge and experience have been crucial to the success of our company and he’s shared that knowledge to help other remodelers be more successful around the country. His understanding of production not only serves the business but each and every client and how their project is run. Peterson says, “I love the variety of each job, building relationships with clients, and seeing their project through from start to finish.”

Peterson is a member of Remodeler’s Advantage Production Manager Roundtables. He has been a member of these groups for five years. Peterson has consistently volunteered to help others with learning the job, he contributes in meetings with great incites, he has worked with Tim Faller, Senior Consultant at Remodelers Advantage, to continue to improve the Production Manager Roundtables as a program, and has always been willing to share important documents. 

He presented at the Summit, “A Tale of Two Production Departments” where he joined another member in sharing the differences, pros, and cons of having in-house labor vs. fully subbed jobs. In addition to his presentation, he’s taken on the challenge of facilitating a group.

We are so proud of Chris Peterson for his achievements and contributions throughout the industry, please help us in giving him a large congratulations!