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Get the Inside Scoop on Exterior Doors


When it comes to exterior doors, function, security and style are all important. Learn from Property Solutions Manager Charlie Schloegel and Todd Havermann of Kansas City Millwork Co. as they walk you through some of today’s exterior door options. 


61Sliding Patio Door vs. French Door 

These are two of the most common types of exterior doors. Sliding patio doors offer more of a view than french doors simply because they’re uninterrupted by window stiles and have smaller rails than french doors. Sliding doors, which use little functional space, are perfect for creating an open, airy effect. Of course, many appreciate the character of french doors, which also (typically) offer greater security and access than sliding doors.

FrenchBeautyExtInswining French Door

Inswining french doors can swing in or out, making them great for access and function. They are also very secure, with locking points at the top, middle and bottom. Many inswining french doors come with adjustable hinges, which allow you to adjust the doors’ leaves up or down if the house settles or moves with time. You may also want to consider grilling patterns for your french door to give it a more customized look.

door-bronze-folding-01Clad Ultimate Bi Fold Door 

The Clad Ultimate Bi Fold Door offers plenty of scenic views and is great for elegant entertaining.By simply folding up the leaves, you can turn a standard kitchen or family room into an open air space. Even when all of the leaves are shut, you still have a wall of windows with an active door at the corner. Consider this door if you’re looking for a serious “wow” factor for your home.


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