A Breath of Fresh Air: Improve Your Mood with a Fresh Remodel

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Last updated on October 12, 2023

The way your home makes you feel has an important effect on your mental health. The wrong color combination can trigger anxiety, outdated design can cause stress, and a cramped kitchen for a growing family typically spells disaster. Your home should be a place that inspires comfort and great memories, not sadness and frustration, but we can change that. With the help of our local Kansas City remodeling service, we have the power to refresh our homes to realize a positive environment that inspires a better mood.

A Fresh Outlook on Life

Regardless of whether our homes are new or old, we seek out a home remodel for a reason; we want to freshen up our surroundings with something new yet pleasing to our senses and style. New color palettes, textures, furnishings, and updated design work together to give a fresh and inspiring environment to thrive in. Living in a negative, dysfunctional, uninspired environment prevents productivity and family togetherness. It also hinders progress for those already dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, and work stress. A new remodel can give a fresh outlook that inspires you to think positively about your own lives and home.

Color Your Mood

Psychology and color have long been linked together, and it’s an important factor to consider when moving forward with a Kansas City remodeling project. We don’t want to live in spaces that make us feel anxious, cold, or crazed. We need fresh paint jobs and décor that will help turn our frowns upside down. Fortunately, we have a rainbow of possibilities to choose from to lift our spirits, with yellow being one of the most uplifting shades available to us. Colors stimulate our nervous system, and yellow is proven to have an uplifting effect on a person’s mood by inspiring optimism, creative and critical thinking, and even improved memory. This makes yellow an ideal color for bedrooms, offices, art studios, and kitchens.
Like our luscious yellow, blue is another color that can help us acquire a more positive attitude at home. Whereas yellow uplifts, light blue hues evoke a feeling of being calm, tranquil, and refreshed. That’s why light blue is perfect for a new baby room and cool modern-style bathrooms! Using monochromatic light blue shades can also create the illusion of more room in cramped spaces, creating an open and welcoming environment.

Discover Peace of Mind through Design

Schloegel Design Remodel can not only offer more inspiring colors to improve our mood, but it can also transform your outdated home into a fully-functional space that accommodates all of your needs and activities. This can save you a great deal of stress and frustration down the road. As a family grows and changes, sometimes changes to the home will be necessary. Narrow hallways are a recipe for traffic jams, old kitchens can be unsafe for kids, and bathrooms without updated additions create more opportunities for falls and broken bones when an aging family member comes to stay. A fresh home remodel can help prevent many of these foreseeable problems and help give you all-important peace of mind.

Don’t Let the Work Stress You Out

We know what you’re thinking, though. A remodel can be stressful in its own right. At Schloegel, we do our best to take out the stress of a remodel. Our expert designers will work hard to give you the look you want within your budget, and give you a realistic estimate, so you’re never surprised by excessive costs once the job is done. Our experienced craftsmen will give you the best work, so you won’t have to deal with the headaches of poor craftsmanship soon after the completion of your remodel. That is why Schloegel has become known as the smart choice in Kansas City home remodeling.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Your home shouldn’t bring down your mood and add to our stress. It should be a functional and comforting space that promotes positivity and productivity for us and our family. Fortunately, we have the power to give our home the makeover it so desperately needs. A fresh remodel can help you discover a fresh outlook on life and work, uplift our mood through the power of color, and accommodate our changing family dynamics. Contact Schloegel Design Remodel today to see how we can help you give you a new perspective of your home.

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