Introducing our 2020 Big Splash Recipient, Mickey Hinrichs

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Last updated on September 22, 2022

We’re pleased to announce our 2020 Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway recipient Mickey Hinrichs!

Meet Mickey 

Mickey was born with multiple genetic mutations. He has a diagnosis of Phelan McDermid Syndrome, along with CP, autism, global hypotonia, Epilepsy, and developmental delay. Today, at 9 years old, Mickey loves to crawl and play but requires assistance in most of his daily needs.

Mickey enjoys books, flashcards, music, and cartoons with Sesame Street and Frozen being a cut above the rest. One of his greatest enjoyments is bath time where he can play in the water.

A small bathtub in a tight bathroom

Given Mickey’s favorite activity is playing in the bathtub, his existing bathroom scenario leaves quite a bit to be desired. Due to the bathroom’s tight space getting Mickey in and out of the tub is a safety concern. If provided space Mickey would be able to get in and out of the tub safely by himself. More space would also allow his parents to get him ready in the bathroom rather than carrying him down the hall to do so. This would be safer, more comfortable, and not to mention warmer for Mickey. Finally, when necessary it would provide enough space for both his parents to help him. Today there just isn’t enough space for both of them.

The tub in Mickey’s bathroom is small and because he can be a bit uncoordinated at times, he often requires someone to stand or sit with him. A larger tub would allow Mickey to continue his favorite activity both now and as he grows.

A new bathroom with a larger bathtub will greatly improve the daily life of Mickey. A new tub would allow him to continue his favorite activity whether it be for bath time or simply for play and calming. Bathroom improvements will also Mickey to move easier and potentially be able to do a few more things.

We’re excited to work with Mickey and his family to design a bathroom that will better suit his needs now and down the road.

We are so thankful for another year where we get to use our skills to help a deserving family in the Kansas City area! Our wonderful clients, vendors, subcontractors, and LoveFund for Children make Big Splash possible! Our team will start work on this project early next year and we will make sure to share its progress.


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