Kitchens in Color: Blue

Last updated on June 29, 2023

A brilliant white or neutral color scheme is always a classic and clean choice when it comes to a kitchen. For clients who want to incorporate some color in their kitchen remodel, there are important factors to consider. How much color to include without overloading the space is an important balancing act. There’s also the crucial question; what color should I choose? This week we wanted to spotlight one of our favorite kitchen color choices, blue!

Like gazing at a clear summer sky, pondering the vastness of the ocean, or admiring the waterways we all depend on, blue brings about thoughts of nature that famously elicits a feeling of calm and contentment. Blue is also associated with creativity and self-expression. Studies also show that blue interiors increase productivity. People are also likely to spend more time in a space boasting blue which makes sense when thinking about one of the primary gathering places within any home like a kitchen.


Blue: The Ideal Centerpiece in Any Kitchen

One common way to incorporate color in your kitchen is to go bold when it comes to your island. This remodel designed by Megan Bringman is a great example of utilizing a pop of blue in an otherwise sterling kitchen. By using a paler shade, the island becomes a romantic centerpiece. This shade pairs beautifully with the gold hardware and fixtures throughout the rest of the space. We love how the warmth of the leather barstools is emphasized against the right hue of dusty blue.


Blue and Wood Tones – A Perfect Pair

We find blue to be one of the best colors to use when working with a lot of natural wood tones. This remodel designed by Ron Webster features navy cabinetry that not only makes a statement on its own, but also brings out all the warmth the wood finishes have to offer. Glass front upper cabinets reduce the bulk and allow for the pops of color in the dishware to be displayed.


Blue is Balance

Another example of navy cabinetry playing perfectly off warm wood tones. In this remodel by Donna Kirsopp the combination of blue cabinets, yellow-based wood and wall color, and the hint of red seen on the oven starts to play with the relationship of primary colors we are all familiar with. This project is also a great example of balance when it comes to choosing a bold color for your kitchen remodel. The navy cabinetry and island are certainly the star of the space, but Donna also smartly incorporated white upper cabinets so the color doesn’t overwhelm the space.


Blue Can Be Bright

This remodel by Ron Webster is proof you don’t need to shy away from color even with limited kitchen space. By utilizing a softer, lighter shade of blue, the space remains bright and inviting. 


Try a More Saturated Hue for Boosted Personality

So far we’ve seen plenty of stately navy blues and calming paler hues utilized in our kitchen remodels. This example designed by Nina Schmidt showcases a much bolder approach to blue in the kitchen. Careful not to overwhelm the space, this bright turquoise adds plenty of personality. By using it only in the dining area and a small run of accent cabinets, the color defines a transitional area for hosting.


Blue is Timeless

Our last kitchen in blue is a bit of an older remodel, but good design always stands the test of time! The pale blue that we’ve seen in our previous and more recent remodels is also seen here that works perfectly in this vintage inspired kitchen. The dusty shade of the cabinets and island pair beautifully with our client’s collection of antiques.


We’re feeling calm, cool, and creative after seeing all of these colorful kitchen remodels! We are sure to see even more love for blue in future projects. Feeling inspired? Contact us to get started on your remodel!