Megan Bringman Discusses 2019 Design Trends and the Spring Home Tour on KC Live

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

Megan Bringman joined Kelly Nyberg on KC Live this week to discuss some of the hot home design trends of 2019 and the NARI Remodeled Homes Tour which is April 13 & 14.

5 Design Trends for 2019

1. Walls with Color

In our industry, we’ve seen a lot of white in the last few years and we’re kind of tired of white. We need some color back! Megan brought in a few color palettes for the year including a coral, teal, dusty blue and mauve.

The whole room doesn’t have to be painted in these colors. It could be an accent or a powder bathroom but let’s get some color back.

2. Patterned Backsplashes

Next, we have patterned backsplashes. These are ceramic tiles so they have a great price point. They make a really dramatic statement. So, this could be on a bathroom floor, it could be on a kitchen backsplash. It doesn’t have to be in a huge big area but a little goes a long way because it has so much design punch. They’re very practical. Easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Changing up the backsplashes is really popular right now on HGTV and DIY Network. They really add some flair to your kitchen.

3. Cabinet Colors

Again, we’ve seen a lot of white and gray in our industry. Cabinets are starting to bring in some color. Megan has samples in a distressed teal color, another in charcoal and the last one is naval on oak. This gives you the raised grain which is interesting as well. Maybe you use it on a kitchen island and not the whole perimeter of cabinets. A way to bring a little color into your space.

4. Unique Appliances

We’re not seeing as much stainless steel anymore. For a while, that is all you saw. So we’re seeing ranges come in with bright punches of color, so maybe it’s a bright yellow range or a cobalt blue in your kitchen. Having some fun and creating a focal point. It doesn’t mean you have to do the whole kitchen in blue but maybe you pick one appliance and you put a little color there. It’s fun!

5. Mixing metals

We’ve been talking missed metals in jewelry but it’s also popular in the kitchen. This Moen faucet comes out in July and we’re first to see it in our Kansas City area. It’s called the Neo faucet. It’s a black matte finished with a brush gold handle. They have other combinations of metal too.

Remodeled Home Tour April 13 & 14

Come see some of these design trends for yourself at the Remodeled Home Tour this coming weekend. We have two homes on the tour. One is a classic ranch off of 66th and Ward Parkway. It’s a whole house remodel with 4 additions off of the back. The other home is in Blue Hills and is a whole house remodel with a contemporary design. There are some really unique features. Purchase your tickets for $18 online at or at the door for $20.

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