August 30

Smart Remodeling Tips – Perfect Paint Finishes for Your Home


Choosing a paint color can be overwhelming in itself – never mind picking the right sheen. Watch as Schloegel Designer Nina walks you through the best places to use various sheen options in your home.



how-to-paint-ceilingFlat paint offers a matte finish and with little to no shine. Because of this, it is perfect for ceilings because it can hide imperfections that would be picked up from ceiling lights and windows. Flat paint can also hide flaws in plaster or more textured walls, although many don’t prefer it in higher traffic areas because it is harder to clean than other finishes.


image_thumb[19]Eggshell sheen, sometimes referred to as a satin finish, offers a little luster without outright shine.  This paint type is great high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms because it resists stains well and you can wipe them down easily with a rag and water.





88315-8020313Satin enamel paint is perfect for using for trim work. It’s very durable, so the finish can handle the dings and dust trim work typically encounters with a simple wipe-down. Plus, it goes well with eggshell and flat paint finishes.



red-lacquered-wallGloss finishes are most popular in modern and contemporary looks. They look great on ceilings and create a lacquered look on walls. Gloss finishes are the easiest to clean and are tougher than eggshell and flat sheens, so the walls will show less wear over time. Before you decide to go with a gloss finish, however, make sure your walls are in perfect condition. Because gloss sheens reflect the most light, any imperfections on the wall will show. Nina also advised that these finishes need to be sprayed, not rolled or painted on, to make sure it looks completely smooth when dry and is without any roller marks or brush strokes.

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