June 10

Smart Remodeling Tips – Tile Trends for Every Style

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Whether you like natural stone or painted tile, innovations in porcelain make it easer than ever to get the look you want without breaking your budget. Schloegel Design Remodel Designer Nina talks about the different ways porcelain tile can make your space sing.

Painted Porcelain Tiles

patterned-tile-showerWith beautiful designs that make a space pop, it’s no wonder why hand-painted concrete tiles are all the rage on sites like Pinterest and Houzz these days. Stone Peak Ceramics offers a porcelain variety that’s finished to look and feel like concrete, so you can have the unique room of your dreams without breaking the bank.



Wood-Finished Porcelain earthy-natural-looking-porcelain-wood-tiles-on-a-bathroom-floor

If you want a wood floor in your bathroom, but you don’t want to worry about the moisture, we have a solution! Porcelain tiles with wood finishes (available in everything from Oak to Cherry) let you have that same look, without any of the worry.


Natural Stone-Finished Porcelain


Natural stone is elegant in every space, but can come with a high price and annual maintenance. With natural stone-finished porcelain tiles, however, you can enjoy the same look of marble, travertine or whatever your preference without the cost or upkeep.




Porcelain Subway Tiles

Fresh-Bathroom-with-Subway-Tiles-CopySubway tiles never go out of style. Now available in larger selections, the tiles easily create a modern space in any room. Want more of a textured or finished look? Consider purchasing glazed or beveled subway tiles!



If you want to learn more about what tile trends work best for your home, contact us today! 


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