January 1, 1970

Big Splash Recipient Family Selects their Custom Bath Options

Jake & Debby meet with Simone to tell her the good news!
Jake & Debby meet with Simone to tell her the good news!

The design process is underway for Simone Porter and her family, recipients of Schloegel Design Remodel and the Love Fund for Children’s second annual Big Splash custom bath remodel.  We recently presented two plans to the family.  One preserved a small closet in the bathroom, and the other removed the closet but gave Simone more room to maneuver her wheelchair.  The family selected the second option agreeing that functionality and the resulting independence for Simone was their highest priority.

In creating the design, we asked for Simone’s input first.  She really helped us understand her true needs.  For example, we discussed installing a touchless faucet, but Simone decided she just wanted a faucet with bigger handles so that she could control the temperature and flow of the water better.  This seemingly small decision really speaks to her wish for more independence.  We also hosted Simone’s mom, Sheila, at our showroom.  Together we selected fixtures (provided by Ferguson) and other finishes including a fun blue glass accent tile (provided by Daltile).

Debby Allmon, lead designer on the Big Splash project, was recently certified in universal design.  She was excited to apply universal design principles such as floorplan requirements, optimal grab bar locations, and curbless shower design to this project.  Her certification also helped with the careful planning that was needed to design the Porter’s new shower.  Simone can’t use one of her arms, so the showerhead, controls, and grab bar all needed to be placed appropriately.

The Big Splash is truly a partnership between Schloegel, the Love Fund for Children, the recipient family and all of our participant sponsors.  Schloegel would like to thank the many participant sponsors who will contribute to this project.  See a full list of sponsors on our website’s Big Splash page.