What is a Lead Carpenter? – Shannon Washam shares his experience

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Last updated on July 7, 2021

Lead Carpenters at Schloegel play a crucial role in our success!  They are talented craftsmen with mad project management skills. Lead Carpenters are required to wear different hats throughout each day. Knowing that we thought we’d catch up with Lead Carpenter, Shannon Washam to hear his personal experience on the job and what he loves about it.

We’re hiring experienced lead carpenters! 

Video Transcription

Start in Remodeling

I’ve been here for a little over a year and a half. I got into carpentry for probably 30 years. Full-time maybe 25 years ago started off buying houses, flipping houses learned a lot of things. The wrong way.

I started off as a software developer after I got out of the military working. Project management, business analytics, all of those things where you just sat at a desk and there was nothing to really show for what you did. So, the carpentry and woodworking aspect of it gave me something with tangible results that I can see every single day.

Finding the Right Place

And then I worked for some smaller companies, went out on my own for a little while. Right about the housing crash made my way through a couple of other companies and found a home here at Schlegel. And it’s probably without a doubt, the greatest place I’ve ever worked.

Being a Lead Carpenter

So being a lead carpenter is you really wear several hats. But probably the biggest one is the project and relationship management aspect of it. You’re not only dealing with the client relationship  but you’re also dealing with the relationship with all of our amazing subs and vendors that we use. And then obviously we have our internal clients as well, but it’s not just swinging a hammer and, you know, driving nails all day, it’s looking at plans, double-checking making sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and really driving, you know, the ultimate client experience through deadlines.

Expectations, which are very, very clear and making sure that all of us that are on it, this team are on the same page, probably the best parts of this job are that nothing’s ever the same. You know, you said kitchen in remodel and bathroom model and exterior remodel. It’s never the same.

Our designers are phenomenal. I don’t do design, but the trust that I have in what they’re putting together makes my job a lot easier. Things aren’t missed and everything is very well thought through from start to finish. Of course, there are hiccups, but that’s another good thing about this job, you are constantly able to think.

You have to always look five steps ahead, 10 steps ahead, and make sure that not only is the end goal of the project or the design delivered, but the happiness of the homeowner is delivered because that’s really what matters.

Why Schloegel

So, the best, best parts for me are the end goal of seeing something tangible every single day. Getting to try new things, new technologies and construction will come out of it. And in dealing with people, I mean, that’s probably my favorite dealing with our vendors that are awesome. Our clients are also our designers, everybody is phenomenal. So, it’s not where it should be in the greatest places to work, but it’s going to get there.


Schloegel Design Remodel is hiring lead carpenters to join our team. If you or someone you know is an experienced craftsman interested in working in a fulfilling and fast-paced environment, learn more about a role at Schloegel Design Remodel.