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Join us from the comfort of your home as we present important topics related to home remodeling, design, trends and the remodeling process

Upcoming Workshops

Tile Bathroom

The Wonderful World of Tile – Virtual Workshop | May 25 @ 11:30 am

 Tile used to come in your basic patterns and styles with several varieties. Today tile options have exploded! You can find tile in natural stone, mosaics, prints, wood, marble replicas, and the list goes on. And the options are for so many applications, walls, floors, fireplaces, indoors and outdoors. Needless to say, there is a

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Past Workshops

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Matters – Virtual Workshop Recap

Last week in our virtual Smart Remodeling Workshop Megan Bringman shared tons of information about bathroom design and how to make the most out of each square inch of your bathroom whether it’s a small hallway bath or a large primary bath! Small Hallway Bathroom Design This small hallway bath in Leawood was ready for

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Adapting Your Home for Work, School, and Everything Else – Virtual Workshop Recap

Last week at our virtual workshop Lindsay Brungardt shared multiple ways to adapt your existing home for your ever-changing needs. Today so many of us are home every day, all day working, learning, working out, and spending downtime. We are finding new needs our home doesn’t currently fulfill. Lindsay offered some great solutions to make

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Adapting Your Home for Work, School, and Everything Else – Virtual Workshop | February 18 @ 12pm

It’s a precarious position the vast majority of us have found ourselves in over the past year. Suddenly our homes became more than a place to rest and relax at the end of a busy day. They became our work, school, and gym; we became chefs and teachers and darn near everything in between. And

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The Schloegel Design Remodel Experience

Whether you are investing in a simple home repair or a
complete home remodel, Schloegel Design Remodel is a trusted remodeling expert in Kansas City who is ready to
make your dream home a reality. Kansas City has turned to us since 1980, and we?re proud to continue offering high-quality remodeling services. We can do anything from adding
elegant dining areas to beautiful bathrooms and complete kitchen remodels. Have you been dreaming about
converting an old space into a more modern media room? Our expert home remodeling team will be more than happy
to make this happen.