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Last updated on October 31, 2023

In December we introduced you to our 2017 Big Splash Recipients, the awesome Coots family and their sons Jonathan and Joseph. Last month we shared how the progress on their bathroom was coming along and this week we’re excited to show you their new bathroom!

Big Splash

Fox 4 Problem Solver’s Linda Wagar was there for the big reveal and put together a wonderful piece on the Coot’s and their new bathroom.

Fox 4 Segment


The Previous Bathroom

The Coot’s main bathroom wasn’t designed to accommodate a wheelchair and the door entering the bathroom was too small. The existing shower and tub proved a challenge in bathing for the boys. Each of the boys had their own tub seat due to their age difference. Both the seats were stored in the tub and had to be moved in and out to accommodate each of the respective family members as they bathed. Jennifer Coots also worried about their safety getting in and out of the tub with no grab bars.

Tub Before Vanity Before Door Before

The Design

Amy Boeshaar worked with the family to understand what their main concerns were as well as their design ideas. From there, she was able to build a design to support the boys’ needs. The bathtub was to be removed and replaced with a new shower on the opposite side of the bathroom. A new vanity would be installed where the bathtub was previously. In addition to the new layout, a new pocket door was to be installed. The much wider door will allow for easier accessibility. A pocket door was also a perfect solution as it doesn’t take up much-needed space as a door swinging into the bathroom would.

Door After

The Finished Bathroom

The new bathroom is as functional for the boys as it is beautiful! The shower is Onyx and the boys won’t have to step into it. The shower also has a built-in Moen teak seat. The family no longer has to do the seat shuffle. Onyx in addition to being beautiful is also low maintenance. The shower’s new fixtures include a handheld shower, which makes helping someone bath or bathing while seating so much easier.

Shower After

The bathroom also has several grab bars installed including two in the shower. There are many awesome design tricks for grab bars today making the other two a little tougher to find. One of those is the toilet paper holder which doubles as a grab bar. The other is the towel rack which also doubles as a grab bar.

Vanity After

We hope the Coot’s family enjoys their new bathroom and it makes life just a little easier for this busy family of 6!

A Big Schloegel Thank You

We’d like to extend a bit thank you to the companies who donated time and materials to the 2017 Big Splash Bathroom.

We’d also like to thank Linda Wagar with Fox 4 News for being there through the process and sharing the Coot’s awesome story. Lastly, thank you Fox 4 Love Fund for your continued Support of Big Splash!

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