The Story of My Brick Ranch Kitchen Addition – Week 6 [Drywall, Windows, & Floors]

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Last updated on August 30, 2022

It’s week 6 of my (Amy Girard) kitchen addition project and this week we get to start putting the home back together! We’re going to share the drywall, windows, and hardwood floors. Getting so close! Did you miss how it started, check out Week 1, the design in Week 2, setting up a temporary kitchen in Week 3, or foundation, framing, and the roof in Week 4, and the rough-ins, hood vent, and insulation in Week 5.

Cabinet Arrival

Just before drywall our GORGEOUS Shiloh cabinets arrived. I’m pretty lucky because I work at Schloegel Ryan Waters and Tony Carver did a cabinet reveal for me. 😊 The green was better than I even dreamed!


Based off our 40+ years in remodeling we’ve learned that drywall and drywall sanding can sometimes be a low point in your mood during your remodel (see our awesome remodeling fever graph below). That was not true for us! We couldn’t wait for the drywall, that meant the space was getting put back together and this was the first important step.

Tom Lee and his team were wonderful. They’re not only a great group but do spectacular work. Our old walls were plaster and while we didn’t leave a lot of them left in the kitchen area, they managed to tie everything in. 

New Windows Installed

Our Marvin windows finally came! Not sure if you’ve heard but windows have an EXTREMELY long lead time right now. Not just Marvin, all brands. So, when ours finally arrived I literally did a happy dance. We’d been staring at the "beautiful" piece of plywood for far too long and the entire house felt dark. The running joke was we needed to paint a view of a beach on the plywood.

The same day they arrived Kris Worden and Ryan Waters got to work on installing a few of them. First ones in were the windows above the sink. Woah! It looked beautiful and the kitchen FINALLY started to feel like an actual room.  Schelp circled back to get the rest of the windows and the doors installed.

Laying & Refinishing Red Oak Hardwood Floors

With drywall complete it was time for hardwoods. All our existing hardwoods were finished a shiny blond. The plan was to lay new red oak hardwoods in the kitchen, family room, dining room and refinish the living room floor all to a new color. This updated over half the house. We would have loved to finish the bedrooms and hallway floors but knew we had to stop somewhere!

The dining room previously had hardwoods laid at an opposite angle to our living room with a rough tile border. I say rough because they were laid uneven which made cleaning them a challenge and you always had the occasional toe stub. The family room floors were tile.

When we got all the floors up in demo it was evident the family room subfloor was a different height than the dining room which was a different height than the new kitchen subfloor. We were left with a floor conundrum. Nina Schmidt referred to it as M.C. Escher’s lithograph Relativity.

M.C. Escher, “Relativity.” Copyright 2017 The M.C. Escher Company, The Netherlands. All rights reserved.

Joe Meagher and Ryan Waters had quite a few discussions and came up with a solution. They applied different width plywood to the new kitchen floor and another different width plywood to the family room. We knew we’d feel slight raises and lowers in the floors once they were done but it allowed us to not have any transitions between the rooms. All the floors in the living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen would be the same height.

First, SVB Wood Floors laid the new 2 ¼ “ red oak floors.

Next SVB sanded all the floors including the old living room floor. I could not believe how good they looked already! The previous homeowner had laid the floors at an angle and I’d never loved that but after they were sanded, I had a whole new appreciation for them.

Selecting a Stain

SVB stained three colors for us to decide a final. It was a hard decision. I instantly loved the darkest one but Nina, Calvin (my husband), and I worried it would be too dark against the dark cabinets. The middle one came off as too gray (more in person than this picture), so ultimately, we selected the top one, Warm Gray.

I loved them instantly once the stain was down. We made the right choice.

Next post we’re going to share my favorite parts of our kitchen addition project, cabinet installation, paint, and tile!! 

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