Work has begun on the Enderle home – Our 2021 Big Splash Recipients

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Last updated on November 29, 2023

We introduced you to our 2021 Big Splash recipient, Macy Enderle last December and we finally have begun work in her home. Read more about Macy. We usually start our Big Splash projects in January but waited till April this year to ensure we had all the materials necessary. Material shortages have plagued us all but we wanted to ensure the Enderle’ s had as little disruption as possible for their family of eight.

Linda Wagar did a wonderful story on the Enderle family that aired on Fox4 on April 27. Take a look.

After selecting the Enderle family in November Kelly Summers immediately started work on their remodel plan. On her initial visit it became abundantly clear their large family needed more than just the main floor bathroom remodeled. Both bathrooms were inadequate for their needs. The home also suffered from electrical issues due to past electrical work that was done poorly. In fact, Erica the first time it rained after they moved in, they had water coming out of their electrical outlets. We decided we needed to address both bathrooms and Jason Wright Electric generously offered to update the home’s electric.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our Trade Partners and Vendors

Before we go into details on the project plans, we want to extend a huge thank you to our trade partners and vendors. Not only do they step up for each and every project we work on but they donated all their time and materials to help us give the Enderle’s two new bathrooms and a safer home.

2nd Floor Bathroom

Kelly made a plan to start with the upstairs bathroom and get it fully usable before starting on the main floor bath. The bathroom square footage is fairly small so a few small changes go a long way. We’re removing the pedestal sink and linen and replacing it with a narrow vanity and smaller linen. This will give them counter space for getting ready and below sinks storage. The linen will be lockable so Erica can store meds for the kids without worrying about them getting in. Another small change we did was moved the plumbing from the exterior wall to an interior wall. This will prevent the pipes from ever freezing.

2nd floor bath before
2nd Floor Bath After







Dominic Davie doing demo

Main Floor Bathroom

The main floor bathroom is the bathroom Macy uses and the one we really want to make accessible. First, we created a large, zero-entry shower so as Macy gets older her mom will be able to wheel here in. To accommodate her chair, we’re also enlarging the doors to Macy’s bedroom, bathroom, and the sensory room. With large pocket doors, here mom can easily wheel her from her room directly across to the bathroom. To provide proficient space in the hallway for her chair we’ll take a bit of space from the sensory room closet and reposition the hall linen closet.

The pocket door gives us a lot more room in the bathroom as we no longer have to allow for the swing. We were able to capitalize on this by moving the toilet against the sensory room wall. A much more ideal location than the direct doorway sightline in. We needed to move the vanity to accommodate the door and had plenty of space for a larger vanity on the sensory room wall. This layout gives the family more storage, floor space for moving a chair, and a safer shower.


Stay tuned as we continue work on the Enderle home. We plan to be at there home through mid-summer and can’t wait to reveal the final bathrooms.